according to Travelmath

An airline tray table is on average 12 times more germ-infested than your home toilet seat. 

The average hotel TV remote is approx. 7 times more germ-infested than a dog bowl. 

An airline seat belt buckle is on average 8 times more germ-infested than your cell phone. 

The average 3-star hotel is cleaner than the average 5-star hotel

***Note that the Public Health and Safety Organization considers 10 CFU per square inch to be clean, and 10-100 CFU per square inch to be relatively clean.
Travelmath sent a team to gather 36 bacteria swabs from nine hotels. The below values are the average of nine hotels, in colony forming units (CFU) per square inch.
germs on hotel bathroom countertop

Bathroom Countertop - 1,288,817 CFU

germs on hotel tv remote

Hotel TV Remote - 1,211,687 CFU

germs on a hotel desk

Hotel Desk - 614,907 CFU

Travelmath sent a microbiologist to collect 26 samples from four flights to find the germiest places. The below values are the median of the four flights in CFU per square inch. 
germs on an airplane tray table

Tray Table - 2,155 CFU

germs on an airplane seatbelt buckle

Seat Belt Buckle - 230 CFU

germs in an airplane bathroom

Toilet Flush Button - 265 CFU